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What are ##MUSIC# and ##PORT# listed in Main Menu and Files ?

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Well, from bad to worse. It has started to change to the next song file after
playing a few seconds of some. Others it plays to the end.
Wont boot into the original Sansa firmware- crashes after halfway through
'refreshing media'. I put the RP files on the SD card and rebooted (who knows if it
booted from the card , or from onboard?) but its the same situation.
How can I format the entire thing ? Nuke and pave ?

I couldn't get the SanDisk update utility to work - it kept crashing halfway through.
Link for good method here, dragging .bin file onto the player:

Anyway,that and reinstalling Rockbox got it back to where I was originally
with the XXMUSICX files ..... but I'll learn to live with the dead files and empty folders
because the RB sound fidelity is 3 times better the Sansa firmware.


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