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What are ##MUSIC# and ##PORT# listed in Main Menu and Files ?

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These are the first two items in my Main Menu list, and in Files.
I dont see them listed/mentioned in the user manual
for my Sansa Clip Zip. Corruption I though, but I deleted all files,
 uninstalled RB and reinstalled with the RB Utility and  I still see these two listings.
  'Music' , not all caps and no hash signs, is also listed in the menu.
What is this about ? Tried to do a screenshot but no go.

I don't have that player, but could they be folders created by the original firmware?

That would explain why they appear under 'Files', though I don't see why they would feature on the main menu.


Yeah the sansa OF creates them since you are seeing them I'd venture a guess that you aren't booting off the sd card I'd highly recommend doing so not using the internal drive on the device as it will wear out and go read only eventually

to do multiboot on a clip zip simply copy a dev version .rockbox install to your sd card root and make a file called
rockbox_main.clipzip either totally empty or with a single '/'

Thank for link- my search found nothing on ##MUSIC#. Words of wisdom from
that post - ' I'd recommend just ignoring them' .........but easier said than done .
Will try your workaround if ignoring doesn't work. We are all very tidy people
I think.


--- Quote from: islandchris on February 06, 2023, 10:31:05 AM ---Words of wisdom from
that post - ' I'd recommend just ignoring them' .........but easier said than done .

--- End quote ---

Tidy but stray space before the dot after the sentence and improper use of an ellipsis 😆

You can set them to hidden in Windows Explorer. Unless you configure Rockbox to show all files it will then hide them.


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