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So were you using a windows utility before?

I can't really remember very well, but I think there was a windows utility you could download to do the font conversion but it had some shortcomings, mainly it didn't anti-alias the font.  To do it properly you had to set up a linux development environment and compile the font converter yourself, then run it.  I eventually got that working and converted a load of fonts.  But since then my linux PC has had hardware problems so I don't have that thing set up to do it any more.

Yes I was using Windows, the precompiled binary of convttf64. Do you remember the name of a font that you know does work for you? Just as a reference so I can test it out.

Some of the converted fonts I included in themes I uploaded.  The themes are for the classic, but if you downloaded them you could extract the fonts from them and see if they work on your player.  Or get the originals from the 1001 fonts site and convert them yourself (once you get the convttf thing compiled - as I remember that took a bit of effort because there were some components of Ubuntu that needed updating for it to work).

Atiba and Liquid Crystal in this one, for example.

Ok I exported those fonts but they give me the same result. It seems like there are some conditions for the old monochrome displays that the font must have, and I can't find those. Thank you so much for the help anyways.

convttf only produces antialiased fonts, those don't work on monochrome displays.

For monochrome fonts you need to use convbdf, but it only works with .bdf bitmap fonts, not truetype fonts.


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