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Hi everyone. How can I convert a ttf font for my iPod Mini? I tried using the rockbox tools, like convttf64.exe, and the conversion seems to work fine, however, when I try the font in the simulator, I always get the same font, like a failsafe font, with a small dimension, regardless of the the original dimension of the converted fnt file. I mean, how had the fonts downloaded from the rockbox utility been converted? Because they are the only ones that actually show up in my iPod and in the emulator. Thanks.

How are you installing them once converted?

convttf works for me (with an ipod Classic) - converted a lot of fonts with that, and once converted I just copy them into the rockbox/fonts directory, then select them via RB's settings menu and they work.  Can you tell if it is that the simulator isn't finding the fonts, or that they aren't converting properly to a useable form?

I just convert the fonts with conttf64 and copy the .fnt file to the .rockbox\fonts directory. On the iPod and on the simulator I then simply select the font from the theme settings.
I managed to record my screen, so you all can see what I consider is the failsafe font. My fonts are the ones that start with "15" and all the ones below. None of them seem work.

Certainly looks as if the fonts are coming out wrong so aren't useable.  Don't know what to suggest - I've converted a lot of free fonts with that utility (the one compiled under linux, I mean, I vaguely remember the windows utility for download doesn't anti-alias properly?) and most of them work (plus the odd ones that didn't came out looking corrupted or with glitches, but they could still be selected and recognised as fonts by RB).

Alright I will try with Linux and let you know.


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