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Un- brick or Re- flash of iRiver H3xx devices


Hey guys,

I was very happy to see a new bootloader version ( for the iRiver H1xx and H3xx. I've successfully upgraded som H120 and H140 devices with µSD Card-Mods just recently.

However, my old H340 ran on some mystic bootloader release, that was shared here I wanted to give it an update as well. So what I did, was the following:

Because I forgot the important details of the flashing procedures described here (, I just hit the iriver_flash on the version 8 bootloader.iriver file and boom (because I used this arcane and old rockbox version) my player was bricked. Just no way of powering it up, nor charging the battery via DC-plug.

Too bad! It nags me, that I screwed up my H340, for which I just bought a new battery...

So here my question if someone has attempted to reflash any H3xx device? If not I might buy into the descriptions given here and give it a go to reflash (unbrick) my H340 unit... with the new bootloader 8 version.
I still have to figure out what hardware I'd need for it. But I have soldering skills and Arduino/Teensy hardware at hand.

Any suggestions or tips or maybe guidance would be very welcome.

In any case thumbs up for any person who still contributes to rockbox in general and to the iRiver ports and bootloaders in particular.


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