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Two tracks were missing from my database


I discovered that there were two fewer entries in my database than the number of tracks in my music library.  It turns out the two missing files did not have file extensions on their filenames.  Both were mp3 files with conventional English language filenames.  As soon as I appended ".mp3" to their filenames Rockbox added them to the database.  I was surprised because Rockbox includes the tracks that iTunes syncs to my iPod, despite their cryptic filenames that don't have extensions, but these two files had been getting rejected excluded.

The database parser uses the file extension to figure out the file type, so no file extension means it is skipped.

Right - that's what I figured.  And now I see that the iTunes-synced track files do, in fact, have extensions, too.  I guess I had previously looked at them in the Finder on a Mac, with the Finder preference "Show all filename extensions" unchecked.  My mistake - I apologize.

Thanks for your reply.


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