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Ipod Nano 2nd Gen Panic FTL error when shutting down or plugging to computer


Hey all,

Just thought I'd give Rockbox a go today. All seemed good but now unfortunately I get errors when I try to shut down and also when I plug into a computer. As of now my laptop (windows 10) cannot actually read the device so I am pretty stuck! It happened soon after loading on some music files, but not immediately.

Any help would be really appreciated. Is there any way to reset or anything? IT won't work when plugging in USB so not sure what I can do. I have also tried rebuilding the database and deleting music directories, but also get a panic error.

Error on shutdown:
FTL: Scheduling bank 2 block 410 for remap!
pc:080828cc sp:000099c8
A: 08082c60
A: 0808484c
A: 08084940
bt end

Error on booting up with USB in:
FTL: Remapping bank 2 block 494!
pc:08083634 sp:000096f0
A: 000001ee
bt end

Error on booting plugging USB in:
FTL: Scheduling bank 2 block 337 for remap!
pc:080828cc sp:080ecc30
bt end

Happy to post anything else that might help.

As an update: I have managed to turn on and off + plug into USB now without a panic stop, by rebooting the ipod into Apple firmwareand then back to Rockbox*. However the computer hangs when trying to recognise the drive so I can neither manage files nor reload nor remove Rockbox.

I hope that this is not basically the ipod killed, so if there is any advice out there, would be appreciated!

*I did this by holding Menu and Select buttons till it starts a reset, then quickly switching on Hold. When the Apple logo appears bright I then switched Hold off. Took a couple minutes but it booted up with the Apple firmware. Computer & Rockbox utility still couldn't recognise the device though.


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