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which SandisK Sansa models have blueetooth ?

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Clip Zip is supposed to have but I dont see it showing up.
Would it be only in the original firmware ?
If not zipclip which ones /
Many thanks

If the Clip Zip does have bluetooth, yes it will only be in the original firmware - Rockbox does not have bluetooth functionality on any targets (and doing so is a tall task which has been evaluated many times).

Clip Zip doesn't have bluetooth.  None of the rockbox era Sandisks players had it. 

I saw in Wikipedia that Clip Sport + in 2016 was the first with Bluetooth.
But you are saying none had or have ?
While we are here, do you know of any small bluetooth dongles that would work ?
Maybe via a USB to micro usb adapter ?

ClipZip never had bluetooth, I bought a clip Sport it didn't have bluetooth either maybe a later version did or your source of info is wrong


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