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Dealing With Long Database Delays - Part Two


I have been experimenting with adding filters to the Database Browser by substituting the tagnavi_user.config and tagnavi_custom.config files in place of the default tagnavi.config file, and I have discovered something that seems very surprising to me.

I have all of my music tracks in a directory named _otherLIBs at the root of my iPod's storage, and in "Settings->General Settings->Database->Select directories to scan" I have specified that directory as the only place where Rockbox should look for music files.  After the database is initialized and built, I use Database->Track to display a list of all 3212 tracks in the database, which takes Rockbox about a full minute to accomplish.  The instruction in tagnavi.config that Rockbox uses for that operation is:

"Track" -> title = "fmt_alphanum_title"

I edited that instruction to include the condition that each track to be listed must have a file (path) name that begins with the name of the _otherLIBs directory (which all of them do).  So the instruction becomes:

"Track"  -> title ? filename ^ "/_otherLIBs" -> title = "fmt_alphanum_title"

Using that edited instruction it takes Rockbox between one and two seconds (instead of a full minute) to display a list of all 3212 tracks in the database.

Is the logic [edit: not "logic", "mechanism"] behind this usage something that Rockbox could incorporate in some form to speed up some of its default operations?


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