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Dealing With Long Database Delays

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interestingly doing "Title2" -> title ? filename ^ "/" -> title = "fmt_alphanum_title"
is indeed faster than
"Title mm:ss" -> title = "fmt_alphanum_title"

I'll try to figure out why before I commit this

it appears adding the condition of filename makes the format no longer match so its doing the same thing
on the back end not totally sure why but the tagcache is a complicated opaque beast and it is quite hard to follow

you can observe in your track listing that there is nothing besides the track title
(and indeed in this patch the 'Title' item is the same)

whereas the item 'Title mm:ss' has the track duration and is about 10x slower

I'm guessing the reason formatting makes it slower is that you are
reading multiple tag files and its causing lots of random disk access
but I'm not totally sure if that is the whole story as I'd think the other list types would be affected too

after another few hours of playing with it..
the reason the other tag items are faster is because they don't do the
formatting over the whole tag corpus instead you drill it down to a specific artist or album
whereas 'Tracks' formats the whole shebang in a single operation

formatting is slow for several reasons:

* first it has to go through and find a matching formatter for the data it has that means string comparisons and or parsing
* second it has to parse the formatter it found to get the format items (%s %d etc)
* third it has to open/seek files to retrieve the tags in the format string
there is also a memset over a rather large buffer removing that shaves about 20 seconds off my results but i'm a bit wary to remove it

This is now merged:

the new options are about 10x faster

the formatted option is around 2x faster

With my 5.5Gen iPod (64MB RAM, iFlash-Solo with 256GB microSD in SD adapter), each of the three new "Tracks by" menu options now yields an almost instantaneous list.  Fantastic!  And this is with 12,025 entries in my complete database (as it currently stands).

For my part, it's unlikely that I will use the "Filename" option very much because all of my track filenames begin with track numbers, so an alphanumeric sort doesn't produce a particularly meaningful/useful order.  As well, since the "Title mm:ss" option seems to be as fast for me as the plain "Title" option, I see no advantage to using a list that doesn't include track time lengths.  But I am more than pleased to be able to have the choice of all of these now super speedy options.

Thank you so very much.


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