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I just noticed that the content of the Track Info screen varies somewhat depending on whether you access it from the Database Browser or from the WPS.  With the former there are two fields at the bottom that are not included in the latter:  Date and Time.  The data in the Date field is formatted as Year/Month/Day (ex: 2008/07/23) and the Time field as Hour:Minute:Second (ex: 11:05:06) so these clearly are not the ID3 tags for date of recording/release or running time of the track.  At first I thought they might refer to the date and time that the track was either added to my iTunes music library or when it was put on my iPod.  But I just now manually copied a track onto my iPod and the Database Browser's Track Info screen is showing 2023/01/01 and 22:46:12, neither of which reflect a date or time that is meaningful to me.  My iPod's clock is correctly set, and the date and approximate time at which I added the tracks a short while ago are 2023/01/15 and approximately 23:10:00.

Now I have accessed the Track Info screen for the same track via the File Browser and it, too, is showing those Date and Time fields.  But not the WPS, and I now see those fields are not in the Track Info screen when accessed from the Playlist Catalog browser.

So I'm curious to know what those fields refer to.

This is all on a 5.5 Gen iPod Video running today's dev build.

It tells you when the selected file was last modified. This used to be displayed in the Properties plugin for all file types, using the same Date/Time headings, until the Properties plugin started using existing code from the Track Info screen whenever an audio file was selected. In which case it says "Track Info" instead of "Properties" in the context menu, but still launches the Properties plugin in the background.

I'm not sure Date Modified necessarily belongs in the Track Info screen. But MarcAndersen on IRC had asked for it to be brought back a few days ago, and it was easily re-added to the Properties plugin, since the plugin already retrieves this info from disk.

The Properties plugin is only used in the Database and File Browser though. WPS and playlist viewer use the Track Info code directly. Hence the discrepancy there.

Probably makes sense to get rid of this inconsistency in one way or another, and/or use strings that say "Date Modified"/"Time Modified" (or just a single "Modified" field) to make this clearer.

Thanks very much, chris_s, for your clear and comprehensive explanation.

I forgot to also mention that when the Track Info screen is accessed via the WPS and DB browser there is a "[Playlist]" field showing trackNumInPlaylist/numTracksInPlaylist, but not when accessed via the DB browser or File browser.  This makes perfect sense as that information only exists in the context of a saved or dynamic playlist.


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