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Length limits for path, directory, and file names in the database?


What is the limit for the length of a file pathname in the database?

Also, what is the length limit for a single component name (directory or the file itself) within the pathname?

I'm having an issue with a few tracks not playing and I think it's probably caused by an overly long pathname or component name within the path.  Classical Music tags are sometimes absurdly verbose.


Yes, the problem was with an over-limit pathname, directory name, or file name, but I'm not sure which.  I am now able to play the problem track, but I don't know if the fix was because I shortened a component name, the whole pathname, or both.  So my question in the prior post still stands.  Thanks.

likely MAX_PATH which is 260 bytes

I had several tracks whose pathname lengths were causing problems.  Some wouldn't play from any UI mechanism (database browser, file browser, playlist catalog).  Some were excluded from various listings in the database.  And some caused an error when trying to access their track info display.

When the database is built or updated is an error log generated?  If so, could a pathname length error be added to the log?  Or if no log is generated, maybe that's something that could be added someday?

In any case, thanks for helping me resolve my issue.


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