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No drive letter/mountpoint showing in utility

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Cant install- Not even C: is showing in the field, there is no drop down. The field is dead/frozen.
Clip Zip is showing in C: in windows as a file but no drive letter.
Tried it with 3 different cables, 3 different laptops, win7 and win 10 the same.
No problem with other USB flash drives, just the Clip Zip.
Many thanks for any ideas !!

Edit/PS   Guys this 'kangaroo' verification is too obscure for humans let alone bots.
Come on ! I had to try about 20 variations

Put your player into MSC mode and then it will have a drive letter.

Thanks- got it installed- but it looks a mess , with audiobook files mixed in with music etc,
and ## symbols on items, like there is a lot of
configuration/setup yet to be done. Corrupt install probably ,but its not user friendly enough
for an 81 year old man. I'm back to using the default firmware.

That is probably due to you having used the device in MTP mode to add files.  If you add things in MSC mode you can organize them however you like.

Many thanks ! Will give it a retry soon.


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