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iPod Video 5th gen random crashes



I'm new to this forum and I must say I really enjoy my old school iPod Video 5th gen with rockbox. I'd like to thank the developers for doing an awesome job.
However, I'm having an annoying issue; after playing music like half an hour everything freezes and the screen goes blank.
I have to manually reset the iPod by pressing the menu+select button for a few seconds and then everything works fine for like 30 minutes again.

I've entered the diagnostics menu and run SMART Data and this is what comes up:
Retracts: 7
Reallocs: 0
Power on hours: 146
Start/stops: 99762

Is this normal?

Also I have checked the hard disk for errors in windows and no errors were found.

It's the stock harddrive.

I tried reinstalling rockbox and installing the development version and the nightly build but the same issue occurs.

Anything else I can do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried the original firmware to see whether the same issue occurs?


--- Quote from: chris_s on January 14, 2023, 02:17:38 PM ---Have you tried the original firmware to see whether the same issue occurs?

--- End quote ---

Yes I have and it doesn't seem to occur with the original firmware.

Does it happen regardless of codec or metadata such as album art and have you reset the settings to default?

Unless it's a hardware fault that only becomes apparent when using Rockbox for some reason.

You may want to try completely restoring the iPod with iTunes. Then install the latest dev version using Rockbox Utility and try again with some sample files.

Maybe someone else has another, better idea.

Can't really think of anything, apart from what chris_s already said about noting if it is associated with any particular codec or track.

Maybe you could try using an _older_ version of RB?  Just in case it's some specific commit that has caused a problem?

Also, have you definitely used the original firmware for an extended period of time?  My suspicion would be a hardware issue (different recent dev versions of RB are working fine for me on multiple ipods) but hard to think why it would only show up in RB.

Sounds like a very tedious and tricky problem to pin down, if it requires using the thing for a long-ish period each time to get the fault to occur.

When you say the screen goes 'blank', do you mean it whites-out, or the backlight turns off?


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