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I use Rockbox on my Sansa Clip+ for many years.

With the latest 3.15 release build, everything looks fine.
Recently I tried out some dev builds (bringing many new useful features).

Now I noticed that when I am on a dev build (with any tested theme file) the Rename screen looks totally off, with the lines having wrong heights etc.
It seems, that the dev builds Rename screen doesn't honor the theme settings.
When I use the release build, the Rename screen looks fine.

Any idea how to fix this, so that that the dev build Rename screen honors the theme's appearance setting, like the release build does?

I own aa clip+ I don't use it daily though just my clip zip is it the keyboard that's off then?

Ok IIRC it was only the edit line that had the current UI font
latest build respects current UI font now.

Yes I am talking about the keyboard layout shown when Rename is selected

With the ClipZip it's not really an issue because it has got a multi-color display.
With the Clip+ however (the upper ca. 1/4 of its display has yellow font color and the lower ca. 3/4 has blue font color) it is an issue.

With the font colors of the Clip+ (as described above), themes usually choose to have line numbers, line spacings, and line heights so that the yellow area at the top quarter is occupied by an integer number of lines (so that no single line occupies part yellow and part blue area, which would be hard to read).

I tried the latest dev build (40355caefd-230113), and I'm afraid the issue is still there.

For example, I select the (default theme) cabbiev2, which has got 2 lines in upper yellow font area and 6 lines and the lower blue font area.
Or (other example) I select LSE5, which has got 1 line in the upper yellow font area and 3 lines in the lower blue font area.

With either of these, when selecting Rename the Keyboard screen, the file name is in the top part of the yellow font area and then there are four lines of Keyboard/characters of which the first one occupies partly the bottom part of the yellow font area and partly the top part of the blue font area. This is difficult to read.

In contrast to when I switch back to release build 3.15, then it looks very clear: Of the 4 Keyboard lines, the first 2 lines occupy the yellow font area and the other 2 lines occupy the upper part of the blue font area. Then below is a thin separation line and below that is the file name. So none of the lines cross the yellow/blue font color border.
Btw, with the release build, it looks like that independently of the selected theme.

-> So maybe the solution for the dev builds could be: Ignore the theme setting (which is obviously already the case), but put the filename at the bottom (like with the release build) instead of the top (where it is crossing the yellow/blue font color border)?

I hope this makes sense... :-)

Ah okay thanks for the clarification I switched the order of them for other devices its pretty easy to move them around now so I'll see what I can do this weekend


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