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A question regarding finding a RockBox compatible player


BACKGROUND (feel free to skip to "QUESTIONS", if uninterested).

Years ago, I purchased several SanDisk Clip Zip MP3 players.

Sadly, I can find none of them.

And, sadly, they’ve been discontinued.

I wish to buy an MP3 player, on which I’ll install RockBox.

BTW, I never use an MP3 player for music.

I use them for AUDIO BOOKS.

The main RockBox page lists players on which RockBox is stable.

However, my cursory perusal of the list noted only players that are no longer manufactured.


Which "RockBox stable" MP3 players, if any. are still being manufactured?

If none, any recommendations on finding a RockBox compatible player?


P.S. Micro-SD support is "required".

I think the only player still being made and easily found on sale is AIGO EROS Q / AIGO EROS K / IRULU Surfans F20 / AGPTek H3 / HIFI WALKER H2 . Essentially the same player with different branding. See the thread,53601.0.html

You can find them on sale at
and other places.

For something tiny like the Clip you are out of luck, but you might find on ebay the Fiio M3K, but you won't find one new in a retail store these days.

I originally bought a new Fiio M3K and was so pleased with the performance with Rockbox that I got a second one on ebay a few months ago at a very reasonable price. I use one for music and the other for Audio Books. Prices on ebay have gone up but they do appear and there’s also a company on AliExpress that lists second hand ones.


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