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e280R What device? Version?

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--- Quote from: bluebrother on January 08, 2023, 03:25:03 PM ---I'd try using a Linux VM (or real machine, if you have one)

--- End quote ---
My language machine is packed away.
Pain the da' butt to pull to out.
I guess it's on the pile, I'm going to try the 32bit 7 and see.
I tried to run a laptop (20+years old) that has XP on it, but it won't see it's USB ports - BUMMER.

OK, patched it/unlocked it/patched it. Idiotically simple actually.
When it states return to step 2, does one just shutdown/reboot, or ...?
Also is the unit supposed to NOW be seen by the Rockbox GUI? As this is not the case it still can not find mount point.

I have to then copy a new firmware,  extract the OF from this: and update it? Then continue?
The wiki - to me - is a bit foggy.


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