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Avoiding overlapping viewports (e.g. Terminal/TerminalTwo)


Probably applies to other themes as well, but I noticed with Terminal/TerminalTwo, that the UI viewport visibly flashes when you navigate between screens.

Just a quick note to the author(s) – I know at least Frankenpod, who uploaded TerminalTwo, is still active on the forums - that this can be easily eliminated by drawing each side of the border for the UI viewport separately, instead of using two viewports which overlap with each other and with the UI viewport. Looks a lot nicer that way.  :)

So instead of this:

--- Code: ---###Border###
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---# Border:
# -- Left

# -- Top left

# -- Top right

# -- Right

# -- Bottom

--- End code ---

I can make that change.  Not sure I can see the flashing you mention, at least not on the simulator, but your point about overlapping viewports seems logical - probably better not to do it if avoidable (just took less typing that way!).  Only thing is I've managed to get myself locked out of the email account I used for uploading themes so can't really update any existing ones any more!

PS thanks for your ongoing work in fixing a multitude of small bugs and long-standing minor irritations in RB.

Sure – yeah, it seems to be only noticeable on device, at least on the iPod video. Just thought you might like to know. I suppose you could try contacting speachy to see if he's able to change your email address in the database if necessary.

I'm not sure how it works - if there's a single database.  Seems like each theme can only be updated/replaced if you use the same email address for validation as was used when it was first uploaded - and I can't access that address any more.  Eventually I'll set up a new email address and then could upload a new version (it just won't overwrite the old one).
In the meantime I've changed _my_ version of it, at least.


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