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Quickscreen volume adjustment


So I was reading the manual last night (nano 2g) and I found this:

"Note: You can always adjust the sound volume on the QuickScreen. To do so, slide your finger around the click wheel as you would on the While Playing Screen"

Naturally, I tested it out, only to find (to my utmost dismay) that is does not work.

I did some googling and I found this post: "", where the idea was first suggested. It, however, did not explain how to actually get this feature. Is it maybe in the dev versions?

Thx, Jumbi

Yes.  You need to download a daily development build to use that feature.

Note that the manual link in the sidebar leads to daily-built manuals. They include features not available in the latest release yet, which is still version 3.15 from the end of 2019.

Manuals for version 3.15 can be downloaded from this page:

Sick, thx for the response

Do you know which build would be the safest for that feature?

I'm not aware of newly added regressions in the latest daily build (20221227), so that would be my first choice. I don't have any personal experience with Rockbox on the Nano though.

If you do run into an issue, you can always post about it on the Forums, IRC or the bug tracker (Flyspray), and there's a chance someone will be able to fix it (who would otherwise tell you to update to the latest build first...  :) )

Sounds awesome thanks


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