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Broken my iPod, trying to install Rockbox

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Unfortunately I don't know much about that page, because I'm not a Mac user.  I gather it's about an issue specific to Mac Users.
Easiest solution is to use a Windows PC with iTunes to restore the thing.  But I'm sure there must be a way to do it via a Mac, even for the 6th and later generations.  Hopefully someone here will be able to tell you the method.

Edit - tried searching this site for anyone who had the same issue, but the only ones I found all eventually solved it by just finding a windows PC to use for it.

I dont know if it could help with your issue...
I have an iPod 6g (or maybe 5th?)... the thing is: by mistake, I got the iPod near a STRONG magnet... and the disk become unrecognized by anyone (the iPod, iTunes and RockBox)... tine after, I booted in DISK MODE (enter+pause) and could get it in that way... I used a LOW LEVEL FORMAT program (I use w7, not w10) and then, I could re-partitioin the disk... and after that iTunes becomes aware of the iPod and restored it... (still RockBox does not recognize it, but, at lleast, iTunes does)


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