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Broken my iPod, trying to install Rockbox

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I got a new iPod which I previously synced up with some music on iTunes.
I decided I wanted to install Rockbox so I tried it but, during the installation, when it asked me to remount the device,
I was prompted by Windows to format a small partition (about 192MB) and it wouldn't continue until I did.

However, as I was installing the themes, it interrupted when the 192MB partition ran out of space as it turned out
while the rest of the storage was left untouched as a separate partiton.

So I went on the disk partition management menu and deleted all the partitions but now Rockbox won't detect
the device as an iPod!

Where do I go from here?

The easiest solution is to restore the Ipod using Itunes on Windows. You didn't mention what Ipod you have, so this might or might not apply:

Generally, it's a bad idea to change the partitions on an Ipod. The firmware needs them exactly the way they are. Also, Rockbox doesn't detect the Ipod -- Rockbox Utility is the thing doing that job. Unless you're talking about something I didn't get :)


Well, one of the iPods is a Model A1238 with 160GB.
The other has 160GB too but is slimmer but I can't find out what its model number is.

I guess they're both 5th generation.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a partition table file that matches
anything with that high capacity.

Based just on the capacity sounds like a 6th gen (thick one) and a "7.5" gen (slim one).  Unless it's cobbled-together from mismatched parts (as in my forum name).

Thanks but, in this page, there's no partition table tile for either of the generation models you mentioned.

So I am stuck for good?


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