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Some 320x240 themes seem to have stopped working on recent dev versions

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Which player do you need us to compile for you iPod classic?

ipod 6g.  Or ipod video, but ideally the former.

I've updated most of the themes affected to use the new syntax, but still not sure how to actually test the new versions.

(Also can't update any already-uploaded themes any more as I managed to get locked out of the email address they are associated with!)

I've tried rewriting the themes, but still can't get them to work with the latest dev version (I gather, from the "patches" page that the required rewrite has been merged?).

  Kind of run out of energy to work on themes any more (too much real life stuff going on), so haven't gotten to the bottom of what the issue is.  On first attempt it seems as if when using the new syntax the EQ settings are all reported as being set to maximum, regardless of what the actual setting is - plus any attempt to refer to the first or last EQ band (0 or 9?) seems to make the theme fall over.
Will look into it some more when find energy/time.

FWIW It's possible that there's an issue with the committed code.

It may help to try this in a simulator build with WPS debugging turned on..


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