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Some 320x240 themes seem to have stopped working on recent dev versions


Noticed that some themes of mine (and also the theme "redbox") have started falling back to the failsafe theme, when used with recent dev versions of RB.  Just checked and they still seem to be working on ipods that have older versions of RB on them (e.g. they work with version dated 210409 but not with 221221).  They seem to work with the simulator also.

(Heh, though the fact that nobody else has complained suggests nobody but me uses them)

I might be barking up the wrong tree (tedious to work it out as the themes still work on the simulators - presumably because they use older versions of RB), but as far as I can narrow it down it seems to be any theme that has a bar-chart for the EQ settings in it.

i.e. the problem seems to be with lines like this:
%St(0,0,-,-,image,eqbar.bmp,vertical,setting,eq band 1 gain)
Seems as if "eq band 1 gain" is no longer recognised as a valid setting value.

Using "eq peak filter 1" instead doesn't crash the theme, but returns three numbers, the third of which I think is the gain, but it doesn't seem possible to retrieve the gain on its own now.

Has something changed in how these values are named, or perhaps the scope of where they can be accessed?  What does "eq band N gain" need to be changed to for this to work again?

It likely broke after those EQ settings were removed by this commit. I'll just put the "deprecated" settings back in - that seems like the simplest solution and won't require changing any themes.

If you think that's the best approach, by all means go with it.  (I think all but one of the themes that have the problem are mine, as it happens)

  Can't say I really know anything about the underlying issue (were there previously two ways, internally, of referring to the same variables?).


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