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Can't Get 'Playing Time' When Playing From A .m3u8 File


When I initiate Play mode from a .m3u8 playlist file, I am no longer able to get the Playing time of the current playlist.

I initiate Play Mode via Playlist Catalog->MyPlaylist->FirstTrackInMyPlaylist which starts the track playing and puts the display into the WPS.  Then I long click the Select button to enter the WPS context menu, click the Playlist menu item which puts me in the Playlist menu, and then I click the 'Playing time' menu item which starts the "Loading (Play/Pause to abort)" progress bar, but almost immediately that gets interrupted by "Error while gathering info" and then the display returns to the WPS.  This feature was working at least as recently as in the 22/11/24 dev build, but by the time of the dev build on 22/12/15 it was no longer working, including this morning's dev build.

Please note that all of the tracks in the playlist play completely without any problems.


Wait a minute - I think the problem might be with my .m3u8 files.  Please don't devote any time or thought to this until I have a chance to push it more on my end and post a follow up.  I apologize in advance if this turns out to be a false alarm.

Yes - this was my mistake, caused by incorrectly formatting my .m3u8 files.

I apologize for the false alarm.


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