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Old clip+ battery: recompile with half CPU frequency ?

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I noted the old battery was charging at maximum Voltage (4.18 V) even when starting with a low battery level (30-40%). I guess battery life should be improved with a slower charging current and more important with a lower voltage (of course, at a cost of a longer charging time and a small loss in total battery capacity).

I've found in "/rockbox/firmware/target/arm/as3525/powermgmt-target.h" #define BATT_CHG_V and #define BATT_CHG_I which I guess control battery charging setting.
Is it OK to change default values (CHG_V_4_20V - CHG_I_140MA) with those (CHG_V_4_10V - CHG_I_70MA) written below to lower battery charging to 4,1 V - 70 mA?

#define BATT_CHG_V          CHG_V_4_10V
#define BATT_CHG_I          CHG_I_70MA

Any other settings to control clip+ battery charge to 4,1 V - 70 mA in a safe way?

Thanks to share your opinion (I'm a newbie and I prefer to ask experts)

Lowering the battery charge voltage won't slow charging, it'll just prevent you from charging to 100%.  You can reduce charging speed by changing the current.

Thanks for your answer.

I guess that If I write #define BATT_CHG_V          CHG_V_4_10V in "/rockbox/firmware/target/arm/as3525/powermgmt-target.h" then max charging voltage is 4.1 Volts.

I guess that if I write #define BATT_CHG_I          CHG_I_70MA in "/rockbox/firmware/target/arm/as3525/powermgmt-target.h" then max charging current is 70 mA.

My question as a newbie is:

Are there other files to change other than "/rockbox/firmware/target/arm/as3525/powermgmt-target.h" in order to charge battery @ 4.1V - 70 mA?

Thanks to all

I've recompiled Rockbox with:

#define BATT_CHG_V          CHG_V_4_05V
#define BATT_CHG_I          CHG_I_55MA

and so far it looks OK (charging limit voltage @ 4,05V and limit current @ 55mA).



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