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Actually if you use a hex editor you could search for the strings inside your language file
you will have to do it from your pc but is pretty easy
the default is english.lng

what you would do is search for each of those stings and edit them however you like but keep the length
EXACTLY the same for instance 'Database' would become 'Music   ' so Music with 3 spaces
and of course the text doesn't matter like if you made Database RockBaux it would be fine since
it still occupies the same length
in your hex editor it would look like this:
 D  a    t   a    b   a   s   e \00\00
44 61 74 61 62 61 73 65 00 00

and you would turn it into this:
 M  u    s   i    c   _   _   _ \00\00
4D 75 73 69 63 20 20 20 00 00

I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure rockbox saves indexes into the strings so you can't go shorter or longer but as long as everything is the same overall length it should work (make sure there are two sets of zeros at the end)

oh yeah you can find the language files in ./rockbox/langs

Cool! So I would make those changes in the Rockbox utility program with my ipod plugged in? Thanks again!

no you would do your install then plug the ipod in save the file as a copy and edit the original on the device

Sorry for all the questions, But I've went and downloaded a hex editor, plugged in the ipod, and found the language files. I see database and the other menu options, but not like you had it. Would I just go ahead and type Music with the spaces at the end, where Database was once written? Attached is a screenshot and the options are at the 7th line.
Thanks again!

Depending how your hex editor is set up yeah you should just be able to type in Music and spaces to make up the difference some require you to enable editing first but if it won't let you type in the text directly then I'd find a different hex editor to use because doing it in hex is annoying

 just make sure you save a back up first because rockbox will not load the file if you mess up the length

And it is similar to what I showed you database starts with 44 hex for 'D'


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