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iPod 6th Gen drive gone mad after deleting a photo folder in Rockbox.

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My iPod 6th Gen went berserk after I deleted about 2GB worth of photos on my iPod using Rockbox. Typical "can't find rockbox.ipod" error, but then Windows started lagging intensely every time I plugged in my iPod, and wouldn't let me access .rockbox (Data error: cyclic redundancy, AKA dead drive). Now, after letting Windows "fix" my drive (which just deleted .rockbox), it's less awful, but still lags. Only iPod OS works (duh), and it decides to freeze for a bunch of seconds whenever I scroll too much through songs.

I can't even get iTunes to recognize my iPod to install iPod Support/drivers (new PC rn), but Rockbox does recognize it. Is my drive dead?

Sounds very much like a dying drive to me.  What does the diagnostics mode say?

Boy, it's a mess.

Retracts: 24
Reallocs: 192
Pending Sectors: 176
PowerOn Hours: 148 (that's how new this iPod is)
Start/Stops: 26081
Temp: Current 29ÂșC
Temp: Min 5C
Temp: Max 49C

I've heard you can boot it into whatever mode and plug it into iTunes, and try to let it do its thing and sort of fix itself, but
1 - I'm pretty sure it's dead, I showed it to my dad and he told me that this thing is a bomb about to explode at any time
2 - Simply plugging this in freezes iTunes, explorer.exe, and even my own computer.

Update - it's slightly worse now.

I was listening to a specific song, and 1 minute in, it skipped to the next song. Skipping a bit beyond that mark allows me to listen to the rest of the song...

ugh, this is realy a bad time for it to fail.

Might have to replace the drive.


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