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Sansa clip +: internal memory not writeable after incomplete installation


Hi, recently I tried installing rockbox on my sansa clip + but during the installation the cable malfunctioned and the installation stopped before it finished (rockbox opens, I can see the menu, browse files and play the FM radio - that's about it).

As a result, I'm unable to access the original firmware and can't read or write to/from internal memory. After connecting the player to pc (linux), the "lsusb" command returns the following:
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0781:74d1 SanDisk Corp. Sansa Clip+ (msc)

I can see a drive called "Rockbox Internal Storage" which shows up as 0 Bytes and I can't perform any operations on it (can't read, write, mount or format it). When I insert an SD card and connect the Sansa to pc, I can see the card just fine.

In rockbox I can browse the internal storage and see audio files but can't play them - rockbox crashes (probably the part of rockbox responsible for playing media didn't install correctly).
I can't copy files from sd card to internal memory from rockbox.

Do you have any ideas on how to get the device back to working order?
Maybe there's a way to boot the original firmware from sd card? Or maybe it's possible to format internal storage from within rockbox?
If you need any aditional info, I'll provide it asap.

Thank you in advance!


See section 13.4.2  Using Multiboot

got them taken care of on IRC
link to the log for future reference:


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