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In all the themes for AIGO EROS Q / K, which are working for Hifi Walker, the syntax of
--- Code: ---line selector type
--- End code ---
breaks the line selector. Mainly it falls back to pointer but sometimes there's no line selector at all, which makes the selection a trial&error game.
I'v tried a lot and find out, that the following works (didn't tried, what was not working):

Possible values for 'line selector type' on Hifi Walker H2 are:

* Pointer
* Bar (Inverse)
* Bar (Solid Colour)
* Bar (Gradient Colour)
Working parameter name is 'line selector type'.

What often is seen in the theme config is something like:

--- Code: ---selector type: bar (gradient)
--- End code ---

For me this isn't working. So maybe this helps if someone stumbles upon this problem.

Which version of RB are you using, incidentally?

Also, are you saying the problem arises if the parameter name is "selector type" rather than "line selector type" or if the value is given as "gradient" rather than "gradient colour"?  It's not clear from your comment which of those issues you are saying is causing the problem (or both?).

Curious if this is exclusively a problem with that particular player or if it's a bug introduced in one particular release or dev version of Rockbox.

Download the latest development build and see if it fixes the problem, one or maybe two builds from a few days ago contain a bug that breaks a lot of settings.

The "Line Selector Type" setting in the theme menu is called selector type in the settings .cfg file. There is no setting called line selector type in the .cfg, that would just be ignored if you tried using it.

I've tried again with a newer build and the problem disappeard. It works with the var names like you wrote. So thanks for your comments.


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