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(FIXED) Audiobook next track suddenly very slow


Latest release build on (antique) Sansa Clip Zip, suddenly it is taking a minute, sometimes more, to get from the end of one audiobook chapter to the next. The display sits there showing the completed chapter data, while (I assume) the next one is loaded. Does anyone have any idea what I should check?

These are 64kb/s mono MP3 files, and the problem has only just started. Chkdsk (such as it is) from Windows PC shows no errors. I wonder if my processor is suddenly running at 10% normal rate, but other functions like stop/pause, power off, settings, all seem to work normally, it is just automatically moving to the next track which is apparently broken.

I recently added mutexes to the playlist it might be related first i'd try renaming your current .rockbox dir and copy over the latest dev build to make sure its not a config issue after that give me a heads up and we'll decide what to try next

Btw I use a ClipZip daily and no issues

are you using a recent bootloader? if so you should use multiboot and run rockbox off the sd card to save your flash
from a read-only death

Thanks for the replies. No, I am running rockbox from the main flash memory, not gone trying the SD card (which goes in and out!). I do have a fido as backup, for when it finally fails.
However problem found/fixed - the database (which I rarely, if ever, use) was apparently corrupted, deleting all the database_xxx files solved the problem. One of them, I forget which, but it has a 3 part name, so not one of the 8 or 9, was very big, and maybe causing the issue.

I have not changed the firmware for a while, but maybe some database option got turned on/off, or maybe it just got cross trying to index yet one more audiobook.


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