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Help!, Restoring my Iflashed Ipod Classic without access to windows

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--- Quote from: amachronic on January 06, 2023, 04:18:56 AM ---I don't use the iPod but from seeing discussions on IRC I believe it needs a specific MBR partition layout.

Might be useful for you:

EDIT: I see someone already provided that link but I guess you need to reformat the MBR again with those instructions if you destroyed it.

--- End quote ---

That one is about the older PortalPlayer based ipods (up to the 5G/Video), apart from giving some examples of how to format drives it won't be very useful here, as HuskyPenguin79's ipod is a Classic, which is pretty different. I *think* it boots the rockbox bootloader from flash (don't quote me on that, I'm not sure!), which would imply that it takes any MBR and partition layout Rockbox likes, which will be a lot less picky than many original firmwares. So I'd expect basically anything to work, I'd use a layout with one primary FAT32 partition. Input from someone who actually *has* a Classic would of course be very welcome.


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