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Upcoming unavailability due to hosting drama

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Some of you may have heard that FOSSHost has run into some major operational problems.  The specifics don't matter (and are still developing as I type this) but the net result is the same.  At some unknown (but presumably soon) point in the future, the VPS hosting everything but our email and dns is going to be shut off.

So I'm scrambling right now to arrange new hosting and set up a migration.

The good news is that even if our host goes away without any further warning, we have nightly off-site backups of everything on, so at worst we'd lose a day of data (gerrit, irc logs, daily builds, and so forth), and it would take quite a bit longer to get going again (due to my _very_ poor upload speeds here -- the original reason I stopped hosting it myself!)

What will probably happen is that we'll move to a commercial VPS hosting provider, TBD. We have the funds to cover this for a couple of years, but obviously any donations we receive will help.

I'll post more information as the plans solidify, but just keep in mind that we could go dark at any point until we're on new hosting.

Does that mean, until it's rehosted somewhere else, it will cease to be possible to install the RB bootloader on ipod classics?

What with there being no option for manual installation of the bootloader, and the utility insisting on downloading it?

Yeah, if the rug gets yanked out from underneath us, * and everything hosted on it (including anything the Rockbox Utility fetches from would become unavailable until we're migrated to the new host.

Manual installation is possible, but you'd have to compile the bootloader and the helper utilities yourself if * is unavailable.  There's a source code mirror on github (and probably elsewhere).

Again, if we get the rug yanked out from underneath us before we're ready to migrate to a new host, and we consequently go dark with no notice, we will return, with basic www stuff back as soon as DNS can be switched, though it might take a few days to get full services restored.

This prospect makes me want to request for RB utility to offer the option of selecting a locally-stored bootloader file.  Then I could pre-download the bootloader and not be dependent on the site still being up in order to install RB on an ipod in future.

  If I understand correctly, the bootloader is the one element that can't easily be installed manually (short of compiling it oneself, as you mention - which I guess would need me to get my linux PC working again, which I'm too lazy to do).

Request all you want but if you are too lazy why expect someone else to tfake the initiative?


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