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Is there a practical way to have several distinct music libraries on one device?

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It'll work for that too, just create one folder for each database. The downside is you need to reboot to switch databases.

Customizing the tag browser won't require a reboot, so it's probably a better option.

Thanks again for the attention being paid to my query.

I think for now I will start off by trying amachronic's patch (when it becomes available) as I think the time investment for me to get a grip on customizing the tag browser is more than I can handle right now.  I am pretty slow at absorbing a lot of programming details.  I did previously successfully create a tagnavi_custom.config file to hang a small "Custom Genre By…" tree of submenus off "Database->Custom view…", and several months ago I did a bunch of theming for my own personal use, but that all took me a ton of time that I can't afford again right now.

I'm also trying to get a handle on how to use "Select directories to scan" as it seems like it would be a very useful tool for what I'm trying to do with the multiple music libraries, but I can't figure out how to manipulate it to make it specify my choice of directories, and the only documentation I can find on it is two brief forum topics from about ten years ago - neither of which are very enlightening to me.

Haha - now I see how to operate the mechanism of "Select directories to scan", and also the syntax of its resulting setting in config.cfg.  Now if only I could make a shortcut to it...

check out the lua tagnav plugin its less involved than all of that


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