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Database alphabetic sorting order?

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--- Quote from: iPodVT on December 01, 2022, 11:12:44 PM ---Is right-to-left Hebrew available/useable in Rockbox?

--- End quote ---

The short version is Yes. 

The longer answer that we have not received any reports of problems with RTL languages.  however, we don't know if it's because there are no problems, or no users -- we've not had an active developer (or known users) in some time that uses RTL languages, so I consider it likely there are lurking UI glitches or other problems.

Morevover, the Hebrew translation is (at best) about 70% complete, with ~400 untranslated strings.  If you speak Hebrew, we'd certainly appreciate help improving that.

I have converted a lot of the formatting functions to be RTL aware its been a few years so ditto on any bugs you might happen across we and I would appreciate hearing about them so we can fix it

In general I can read everyday Hebrew very slowly (without understanding much/any of what I'm reading) and my vocabulary is probably 25 - 50 words that I (might still) remember from my after-school childhood religious training which was more than 50 years ago.  I inquired about Hebrew in Rockbox only to get a sense of how far beyond english and other western/Romance languages Rockbox might currently be going.  I can readily read/recite many of the most common Jewish prayers, but trying to evaluate how correctly Rockbox handles/manipulates Hebrew would be quite beyond me.

For language coverage, have a look at

Additionally, we generate voice files for thirteen languages for the nightly builds.

(Support for translating/voicing strings in plugins was added relatively recently so the coverage across our plugins isn't all that great yet, but the core code is fully translated/voiced)

Tonight I was looking for Édith Piaf in Database->Artists and finally found her at the very bottom of the list of all artists - immediately after Zino Francescatti.  I guess I will have to edit her name to remove the accent from the 'É'.  I wish there was another, more proper way to manage this.


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