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Database alphabetic sorting order?

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Poor Édith!

I have discovered another problem caused by the accented first letter of her name:  She does not appear anywhere at all in Database->A to Z...->Artists;  not in the 'E' list and not in the Numeric list (more below about that list).  I understand why she is not in the 'E' list (though I wish that she could be there), but surely she should appear somewhere.  Perhaps there should be an additional list added immediately after the Numeric list or else after the 'Z' list that would contain every artist that doesn't get placed in any of the other lists?

Re the Numeric list:  I see that it contains artists whose names begin with characters other than 'a' - 'z' or 'A' - 'Z'.  In my case, '"Little" Jimmy Dickens' was placed there.  Since that list contains names that don't necessarily start with '0' - '9', perhaps it should be called something more generalized than 'Numeric', and then Édith and her similarly accented kin could be put there, too.

All of this seems to also apply to the 'Albums' and 'Tracks' lists that hang off of 'A to Z...'

To get around this problem in the meantime, I have edited the accent off of the 'É' in Édith's name.  But I imagine that French users of Rockbox would not be happy about having to do that for every artist, album and track that starts with an accented letter.


I think you should be able to customize the tagnav to show those


--- Quote from: Bilgus on December 30, 2022, 09:01:01 PM ---I think you should be able to customize the tagnav to show those

--- End quote ---

This is great - thanks.  I'm now using a tagnavi_user.config file to modify the "A - Z..." "Numeric" lists to only include elements that begin with a number, and I have added "Other" lists to catch everything that doesn't begin with a number or an unaccented letter (including accounting for the fact that the evaluation of <constant> is not case-sensitive).  I'm wondering if what I have done would work for languages other than English - especially those that use two byte character sets?

I still think that this should probably be built-in for the sake of non technical users who wouldn't be able to manage this stuff.

One other suggestion:  tagnavi.config contains a note about the use of tagnavi_user.config, but there is no corresponding note in  I think it probably ought to be there, too.

Again, thanks for your help.


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