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Ipod classic 4th generation: Rockbox can't write data

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Hello everybody, I currently have an issue with my ipod 4th gen (grayscale). First off, I have modded this ipod with an IDE to CF adapter and a CF to SD adapter. I had no issues restoring the ipod via itunes and then installing rockbox stable 3.15. The problems began once I booted into rockbox and realize that:

* It doesn't save changes made in the configuration menu (they are gone after a reboot)
* While it can see my stored music, it can't play it. Trying to open it ends up showing an "error accessing playlist control file" after a whileSince I read that the dev and daily builds had better compatibility with adapters, I tried both of them:

* The daily build had the same behavior as the stable build
* The dev build showed a panic screen instead of the "error accessing playlist control file" messageFor contrast, the stock Apple OS can play music stored in the ipod via itunes
Is there any workaround to make rockbox work? Or is my adapter just incompatible?

I had the same-ish problem with my CF>SD 3rd Gen. I rebuilt rockbox with flash storage and no disk spindown, which resolved it.
Give this a try:

First, use the absolute latest dev build, ie one from -- I made a change that might help late last night.

Second, go into the system/debug menu and save the ATA identify information.  Then send that to us, so we can see what capabilities the CF/SD adapter claim to have.

Would it make more sense to whitelist known ATA drives (of which there are relatively few with fewer surviving each year) rather than try to detect the endless permutations of NAND adapters?

The problem seems to be due to the devices getting told to go to sleep and/or being powered off before they've fully committed everything to flash.  But leaving power on is quite detrimental to our battery life, especially for the mSATA-based units.

So we're kinda back in the position where we don't know exactly what the problem is.  And annoyingly, none of us have any of this problematic hardware.  :/


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