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Ipod Video + Aliexpress 128GB SSD constant crashing

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It would be nice if the person who uploaded that binary had actually posted the source patch too, because there have been a _lot_ of changes since the 3.14 release that binary was based on.

Seems as if that was itself an update (to 3.14) of the ancient "beyondwind" patch.  Which itself I'm sure I've seen mentioned many times on this forum, the gist of which (in my inexpert non-dev understanding) was that it was a 'kludge' that made things work by making timings less exact, but which was considered too much of a kludge to be accepted as a patch on here.  That's just the impression I have from comments made on here in the past.

I have tried with the latest dev build where I no longer had any crashes I did have problems copying files to the ipod. I might give this patched version a go, wonder if it's possible to add skins tho.

It's probably just this old patch:


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