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Several bugs in 11/22/22 dev release on iPod Video 5.5 Gen

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but today (Nov 22) I updated Rockbox on a stock 30GB iPod 5.5 Gen (MA444LL/A) with dev version 5240202226-221122.  I encountered several problems that I hadn't previously seen, and that I'm not seeing with another 5th Gen iPod (MA002LL/A) running dev version aea324b746-221115.

The first problem I encountered was a divide by zero crash when I tried to enter the Compressor->Threshold Settings menu:

Divide by zero at 0002af9c (0)
       A: 0013cf28
bt end

The second problem was that when I went to the LCD->Brightness Settings menu it was empty - there were no menu items.

Now as I am trying other Settings menus I'm having more problems.  I got the same divide by zero crash when I tried to go to the Scroll Speed Settings Menu.  When I went into the Scroll Step Size Settings menu I get no menu items - just the menu's title repeated across the top of the screen and scrolling from right to left.  The Battery Capacity menu is also empty.

That's all I have time to try now tonight.

Where would I find other older dev builds if I wanted to revert to a recent version - for instance to the one I mention above that is about a week older than the version that has the bugs I reported?  Are they archived in a location that is publicly accessible?  I looked around a bit and didn't find them (maybe because I'm tired).  Thanks.

Yup, having the same issues with that build on a 6th gen (same ipod previously worked fine with 2022/10/25 build)

PS If you go to dev builds in the left-hand menu, there's an option under each player for "older builds".  Does that not work for you?

Edit - just tried the 2022/11/01 build and that seems to not have the issues.

The mentioned bug in Settings screens was fixed in the latest daily build  (0d355a9c47-221123) , as far as I'm aware

Yup, just tried that one (which has only just become available, yes?) and it seems to be fixed.


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