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Panic on Ipod Mini 2nd gen

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Hello I have an ipod mini 2nd gen.
It is modded with a 64gb Compact Flash card. I don't know what Rockbox version I am using because I really can't do anything or remove the panic screen (I tried pressing menu+select after hold-on-off for way too long). But it is whatever latest version of rockbox existed in August 2022.

I am waiting for the battery to finish, and I will restart it. If there is some log or anything that could be helpful to you. Please leave me a comment with instructions, I am happy to share it.

Update, battery died.

Version 3.15

It seems to be stuck in recording tag cache 2/9 and then it keep restarting itself. It works fine if I start with the original firmware.

The current build has some workarounds for flash adapters.  I think they should not be needed on a CF card, but worth updating to the current build to see if it helps.  Otherwise, you may need to look for another flash device.

I tried to get the Daily Build, and now I got a Data abort at 00050210.
Clearly not my day :/

Well, it should not have that much battery, I barely charged

IIRC, I have sometimes been unable to do a hard reset (Menu&Select) on my 2nd Gen mini, but then found I could do it if the mini was plugged into a brick.  Not sure if it was Firewire or USB, though.  Sorry to not be more definitive, but do try (re)plugging it in if/when it is frozen and won't let you do a hard reset.


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