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Are there any players I can buy for using Rockbox?

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Hey folks!  :)

Years ago I've installed Rockbox on my little Sansa Clip+ and have been happy with it since then. I love it to set a sleep timer of 5 minutes and it stays set, so I can listen to a podcast while falling asleep, and when I do not do that during the first 5 minutes, then maybe the second or third 5 minutes, all without having to go to settings again and configure the sleep timer again.

But now, my Sansa Clip+ stopped working: Its power button seems to be broken, so I can only switch it on by plugging it in somewhere. Not feasible while being half asleep!

I've searched for that device, but I cannot find it for sale new, and the second hand prices are eg. 140 pounds. I've also started to look up the devices specified as stable ports, but they all seem to be gone from the market!

So, long story short, is there any device still available for buying that I can use with Rockbox?

Fiio m3k

Fiio m3k has been discontinued (for maybe a year now) and can't be found for sale new.  It's hard to find even used.  The last ones I saw new were being sold at several times their usual retail price.

ErosQK clones -  HIFI WALKER H2 or  Surfans F20

Where can I find those ErosQK clones?

When I look for the two names you provided at eg. Am*zon, I only find very very expensive devices that only have "quite similar" names.


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