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3rd Gen Classics auto clicking and skipping tracks


I've got two iPod 3rd Gen Classics, and neither one will play nice with Rockbox.  One (15GB M8946LL/A, original healthy HD) has dev build c2220a3b50-221109 installed, and the other (40GB M9245LL/A, original healthy HD) has dev build c3e75a1ce7-220622 installed.  They both exhibit rapid auto keyclicking and skipping from track to track.  After playing for a while, the iPod starts rapidly clicking and skipping from track to track until reaching the last track of the current playlist, and then the last track continues to play all the way to the end but there is the almost constant sound of rapidly repeating keyclicks.  When I try to switch from Play mode to Pause, it seems that the iPod is so busy generating its own clicks that I can't get my own clicks to register.  If/when I am able to get it into Pause - or when the end of this last track is reached - the iPod stops playing but continues to auto click.  The only thing that always gets the auto clicking to stop - short of shutting down the iPod - is engaging the Hold switch.  If I engage the Hold switch while the iPod is in Play mode, it will then play normally and without interruption until the end of the current playlist is reached, and then it stops normally.  If I disengage the Hold switch the auto clicking begins again.  None of my various other models of iPods exhibit this auto clicking and skipping behavior.  Also, the audible clicks are heard from the attached headphones or external speakers - the iPod's internal speaker never makes any clicking sounds when Rockbox is running.

Having just modded a 3rd gen that's working flawlessly, this sounds to me like the touch buttons/controller is malfunctioning, but if it's not doing it in the Apple firmware, then it must be rockbox misinterpreting signals from the touch controller.

Additionally, the piezo clicker is not currently supported on 1st-3rd gen.

I have never experienced any auto clicking or track skipping in the Apple firmware - only in Rockbox, and only with my 3rd Gens.  Today I listened to a bunch of music in both the Apple firmware and Rockbox, on both of my 3rd Gens.  In all cases I used the same ~2.5hr playlist, though I only listened for at most about 1hr in each listening test.  One of my 3rd Gens played normally, without issue, in Rockbox.  The other one began auto clicking after a little while.  When it started auto clicking I was not in the WPS - I was in a Settings menu - and so the auto clicking resulted in the menu selection erratically jumping all around the various menu items, but the music continued playing normally.  Ultimately I had to turn the Hold switch on and off several times until there was a lull in the auto clicking at which point I shutdown the iPod.  That was just a little while ago as I am writing this.  I am currently listening in the Apple firmware again and everything is behaving normally, as is always the case for me in the Apple firmware.


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