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iPod Gen 6 (late 2009) battery use


Hi folks,

been using Rockbox for years on a Sansa Clip + which has been a thoroughly beautiful experience.

Fast forward to yesterday when the trusty Clip + stopped working. Well, it actually works just fine, but the screen is dead. I've read everything, tried everything, taken it apart, etc. It's an ex-Clip +

But, I have a mint condition iPod 6 Gen, 160Gb, last of the line. Barely used. So...

Rockboxed it yesterday. Looks great, set it up just how I like it, all looking great, on the stable release.

But, horror of horrors, the battery life is shockingly poor.

On the Apple firmware, it will play music all day long. Then be ready in the morning for another day. If I don't use it  much, it will last a week at least before it needs a charge, so the battery is good.

Now, with Rockbox, it lasts a few hours maximum, even with screen going off after 5 seconds.
But the worst is, if I'm not using it, so it shuts down, it then consumes the battery at an alarming rate as well.
Dead as a dead thing in a few hours and since Rockbox will not run unless the battery is a part way charged, I can't even plug it in and start using it.
Essentially, it's useless.

I've read a lot of stuff on here, not found any answers.

What am I missing? I really want my Rockbox gig back!

Thanks for any ideas anyone might have.


Looks like you should be getting 25-30 hours runtime with that build.  The player also does not consume any power when it is turned off, so not sure what you're seeing there.


--- Quote from: saratoga on November 06, 2022, 03:51:06 PM ---
 The player also does not consume any power when it is turned off, so not sure what you're seeing there.

--- End quote ---

I suspect that statement should be "The player should not consume any power when it is turned off".

Full charge last night, left it idling, backlight off.

This morning, 7 hours later, battery is too low to start the player.


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