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how to download old builds with git


hi all,

i'm attempting to download older builds from git (my plugin was written for an older version of the plugin API).

i can see a bunch of the old branches if i do:
git clone git:// -vv

two of them interest me in particular (don't understand the difference between the two but anyhow):
want 2ee456528104451945c2e8370eea513e1831f55b (refs/heads/v3.12)
want 103f12d78b0dfb22248fe0d4a399ab5d1ce92df6 (refs/tags/v3.12-final)

basically i'm trying to download 3.12 of rockbox. 

here's probably where i'm doing something wrong, to get it i do:
git clone git:// --single-branch 103f12d78b0dfb22248fe0d4a399ab5d1ce92df6

but it seems to still be the latest stable release (f8d1f791be is shown when i compile it, which is the latest stable release).

what am i doing wrong?  i'm fairly sure i'm just too much of a n00b to know the command to download the older branch properly.

thanks in advance for any help you all are very nice :)

First clone the repo,

--- Code: ---git clone git://

--- End code ---

Then cd into your clone of the rockbox repository and checkout the branch / tag / commit you want,

--- Code: ---cd rockbox
git checkout v3.12-final

--- End code ---

If you want to try some other version of rockbox, just use git checkout again.

Ah my hero.  Thank you!


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