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At some point in the past I switched my setting for Bidirectional Scroll Limit from 50% (the default?) to 0%.  Now I have discovered that when it is set to 0%, some items in the Quick Screen will unnecessarily scroll when they are in the left or right locations.  In the default Quick Screen configuration, 'Repeat' is on the right and it will unnecessarily scroll - the same thing happens when it is on the left.  But 'Shuffle' does not scroll in either location.  I tried putting other short-named items in those locations - some scrolled and some didn't.  I thought that maybe the cause is connected to the number and/or names of the different choices a setting has, but I haven't yet recognized a pattern with that.  This seems to happen only when Bidirectional Scroll Limit is set to 0% - with any non zero percent the scrolling doesn't happen (at least not for me).

I have tested this with both an iPod Video 5.5 Gen and an iPod Classic 6th Gen and gotten identical results.

Yet again I forgot to add that this is with Rockbox version 498988d34a-221022.

Actually, you can most easily observe this by putting Bidirectional Scroll Limit as the top or bottom item in the Quick Screen and then changing its settings right there.

I just now updated my 4th Gen iPod Color Display to Rockbox version f8d1f791be-221025 and I find that with Bidirectional Scroll Limit set to 0% the Shuffle item in the Quick Screen is unnecessarily scrolling and the Repeat item is not scrolling (each in the left and right positions respectively).  This is the opposite of what I observed two days ago with the 5/6/7 Gen iPods running version 498988d34a-221022.

Further, when Bidirectional Scroll Limit is 0% and the Quick Screen initially appears, the Shuffle item starts scrolling leftward.  If, while still in the Quick Screen, I change the value of Bidirectional Scroll Limit, the Shuffle item stops scrolling until I reset Bidirectional Scroll Limit to 0% again, at which point Shuffle starts scrolling rightward, and the scrolling text becomes gibberish.  When I swap the left and right positions of the Shuffle and Repeat items so that Shuffle is now on the right side of the Quick Screen, Shuffle scrolls rightward initially, stops when Bidirectional Scroll Limit is non zero, and then scrolls leftward and disappears when Bidirectional Scroll Limit is set to 0% again.  Sometimes you have to cycle through the Bidirectional Scroll Limit settings a few times before you get either the scrolling gibberish or disappearance.

Taking another, more comprehensive look at my 7th Gen (which is still running 498988d34a-221022), I'm finding similar behavior to what is described above, except with the Repeat item instead of the Shuffle item.  Again, sometimes you have to cycle through all of the Bidirectional Scroll Limit settings a few times to observe all of the variations.

I forgot to add that in the midst of all of the activity I describe above, the actual setting for the oddly behaving Shuffle or Repeat item is sometimes displayed in the upper left corner of the Quick Screen, just below the status bar, when the odd behavior is occurring.


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