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Right - Pascal strings - a blast from the past term that I never would have remembered on my own.  I was a Mac applications programmer in the 1980s and 90s, and even though I worked in C, that era's Mac Toolbox as documented in the Inside Macintosh reference books was full of Pascal strings.

Re the Shortcuts Menu:  It's kind of ironically funny that I bumped up against a string length limit while trying to shorten Rockbox's verbose menu item name.

Increasing the name length to 64 bytes or more seems reasonable. Most targets aren't that memory constrained.

Would the length have to be a power of 2?  A menu item name that is longer than 48 characters seems excessive to me, especially in the context of shortcuts, though that is just off the top of my head.

It doesn't need to be a power of two. But we're talking bytes, not characters. Non-English languages tend to have longer strings than English and use multibyte UTF-8 sequences, so it's worth having some extra wiggle room to accommodate them.

Right, of course.  I was narrowly thinking only of english, and I totally forgot that some languages require multi-byte character sets.


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