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I added 'Use Shortcuts Menu Instead of Quick Screen' to my Shortcuts Menu via the Settings context menu, but the length of the default name for that item in my Shortcuts Menu seemed kind of excessive.  So I edited shortcuts.txt and entered "Shortcuts Instead of Quickscreen" for the item's name (which had been blank indicating the use of a default name).  After rebooting my iPod I found that the displayed name of that menu item was truncated to "Shortcuts Instead of Quickscree", despite the fact that the entire longer default name had previously been fully displayed.  I'm wondering if this is due to a limitation in what Rockbox will recognize for a name field in shortcuts.txt?

I forgot to add that this is on an MA446LL/A iPod 5.5 Gen with Rockbox version 498988d34a-221022.

Yeah, the length for the name of shortcuts appears to be purposefully capped at 31 characters currently, if you provide one yourself, whereas if you don't, it is able to display the full name of the setting.

32 byte string, with the first byte specifying the length.  Is that limitation because Rockbox holds the Shortcuts Menu in memory at all times?

You may be thinking of Pascal strings instead of null-terminated C strings?

not sure what the reasoning behind the exact number may have been, except that it probably suffices in most cases. It seems to have remain unchanged since jdgordon originally implemented the menu  a decade ago. Memory usage in one way or another must have been a priority like it is almost anywhere else in Rockbox…


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