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dual function on ipod 5.5-how much ram does rockbox steal from the ipod


I filled my ipod MA448 (512GB) with about 170GB (35000 titles) and then installed rockbox and had it scanned - the titles are on rockbox but the titles have disappeared in the orig (dual) ipod - but it shows that 170GB are used !
how much RAM does rockbox steal from the ipod and erase the title recognition?

I assume you are using a flash-modded ipod?

The original firmware can't handle more than a certain number of tracks, because its database size is limited to what can fit in RAM.  I forget what the number is, but you can' probably google it  (maybe 10,000 tracks?).  Nothing to do with rockbox 'stealing' anything, it's just the limitation of the original firmware.  That's one of the main reasons for using Rockbox to start with. 

As discussed here

Depends what your ipod's original HD size was.  The 30gb ones have only 32mbh RAM, the 60/80GB ones have 64mb, so can cope  with a larger database.  Also depends how much metadata your tracks have.


--- Quote from: zaghombre on October 24, 2022, 06:40:26 AM ---how much RAM does rockbox steal from the ipod and erase the title recognition?

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The 32 or 64 MB of RAM are the memory rockbox and the iPod os are stored in. When either is running they use all of the available memory (or at least as much as they need). When you reboot from one to the other they're completely erased from RAM and all of it becomes available to whatever OS is running.


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