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Alternative Access To Quick Screen?

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I just now learned that one can change the audio volume with the click wheel while in the Quick Screen.  That's really great and I want to be able to take advantage of it, but I have 'Use Shortcuts Menu Instead Of Quick Screen' set to 'Yes' because I use my Short Cuts menu A LOT.  Is there any other way I can access the Quick Screen?  For instance, is it possible to access the Quick Screen from the Shortcuts Menu and/or vice versa?

I have a simple patch sitting on Gerrit that allows you to long press "Select" to switch from QuickScreen to the Shortcuts Menu. I've actually been using that for a while now. Maybe if someone with commit access is reading this, they can take a look at merging it. Or I'll have to ask about it on IRC.

Cool - sounds perfect.  Is this something that other users can install, try, and test?  If not, I will wait in hope that it will get incorporated into an official general release.  Thanks in any case.


--- Quote from: iPodVT on October 23, 2022, 08:49:07 PM ---Is this something that other users can install, try, and test?
--- End quote ---
Yes, if they're willing to set up a development environment. Once you've successfully compiled the official release, it is easy enough to apply a patchset from Gerrit and run your custom build.

Thanks, but setting up a development environment is beyond me at this time (and maybe ever).  Is there some way I can know if/when your patch ever gets incorporated into the official development version?  Is it just a matter of monitoring the 'Changes from the previous daily build' link on the dev builds page?


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