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all FLACs from one album won't play on iPod video


I can't get any of the FLACs from one of my albums to play on my iPod Video. The progress bar sits at 0:00 and sometimes the iPod freezes.
I've tried with and without album art.
Here's an example of one of the files that won't play:

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

That file plays normally on my Clip Zip.  Perhaps the file on your device was corrupted when copying it over?

Ok, I figured it out. It wasn't any sort of data corruption.
I had the songs organised in a directory structure like this:

*-De Grigny- Premier Livre D'Orgue:
|--*-Tome I:
|  |--Bunch of flacs from CD 1
|--*-Tome II:
   |--Bunch of flacs from CD 2

When I delete cover.jpg (which is like 600dpi or something large) it works. So I guess it was trying to load a large cover from the parent directory.


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