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Ipod Classic 6th Not recognized after failed installation at any device


Hello there fellows  ;D. Tonight I tried to make my best to install rockbox on my Ipod classic 6th. There were two attempts failed due to unknown reasons (for me actually). The first error in installation window was asking me to hold 12 sec select + menu - ok I managed it, the second one said that ipod cannot restart so I should do it manually - no effect, installation failed. Also after that windows concerned on disk formatation, I thought that it's needed option and did it (it seemed to me that HD of the Ipod parted 100 mb separately from 160 Gb main memory). Everyhing was fine - the device was seen by the PC, I uninstalled rockbox and restored Ipod with Itunes. But after the second attempt of installation which was unsuccsesfull too I uninstalled it again and since this moment Ipod cannot be recognized by the PC. Plugged, unplugged, repeated 100 times, restarted PC - no effect. Also tried Macbook pro M1. The cable is not the issue. I tried some soft like Disk recovery ontrack and it can't find ipods HD too.

Yes I know, I`m quite dumb, but is there anything I can do to manage this problem? Or I should go to the local workshop to pay for a new card/hd/etc?

The Ipod is alive, but it indicates on a black screen Error! Can`t load rockbox.ipod: file not found / entering usb mode / usb mod exit / hold select + menu to reboot.

Apologies for my English, tried my best. Best regards and thanks for reading this post.  :)


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